Traditional business standards would not put an executive and a designer in the same meeting. Not any more. Now more than ever, success in business requires a delicate balance of both left- and right-brained approaches.

Design has always been much more than just logos and color choices. But in a world where social media reigns and everything has an app, it’s now an integral part of business strategy.

IE University’s Dual Degree in Business Administration and Design is a stimulating, multidisciplinary program designed for creatives who are passionate about business and want to drive innovation with human-centered solutions. In this program, you will learn the lasting impact of future-forward design and how it applies to the corporate world, while simultaneously developing exceptional knowledge of core business principles. Through hands-on learning and real-world experience, you will gain the skills you need to take any company—maybe even your own—to the next level.

If you are looking to fuse your creative and analytical sides into a dynamic career as a creative officer, a user experience designer, or a brand strategist, to name a few, a Dual Degree in Business Administration and Design from IE University is the perfect place to get started. Here’s why:

1. Companies need great design to stand out

The world changes more rapidly and more drastically every day. As competition grows fiercer, companies are forced to try new things and explore new ways to stand out in order to stay in the game. With the bar already set high by global corporations, customer expectations are higher than ever.

First impressions matter, and good design—both aesthetically and functionally—can make all the difference in a company’s ability to land a new customer. In this IE University dual degree program, you will gain first-hand knowledge from experts in their field and learn to use future-forward design to make potential customers’ experience unforgettable.

2. Bridge the gap between businesses and people

Ultimately, customer satisfaction is what businesses want. A happy customer inevitably translates to increased revenue. So what do customers want? A product or service that is convenient and easy to use, access, and understand.

This is where design comes into play, serving as a tool to better connect with customers and more accurately address their needs. In this program, you will gain expertise in both spaces, providing you with a unique skill set tailored to finding the perfect balance between consumer needs and business goals.

You will learn to understand human motivation and behavior, and learn to use that knowledge to personalize products and services accordingly, effectively keeping businesses on the map for years to come.

3. Use design to quantify business success

Understanding what aspects of business are most successful is paramount to companies’ staying power in a competitive market. Companies traditionally take a scientific approach to measuring performance, using customer analytics and ROI as points of reference.

Nowadays, however, companies are also looking at design from an analytical perspective to help them perfect their formulas. By incorporating design metrics, businesses can use things like usability assessments and satisfaction ratings to track sales and pinpoint their least and most profitable areas.

The rigorous academic and practical training you will receive at IE University ensures you have a seat at the planning table and positions you to help guide companies towards success.

4. Combine the business of design and the design of business

Steve Jobs said it best: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Combining expertise in the business behind design and the design behind business is a game-changer. It allows companies to come up with valuable solutions to complex problems, which is where you come in.

With a Dual Degree in Business Administration and Design, you become that expert businesses turn to. In this program, you will gain more than just extensive knowledge of both design and business core principles. You will also work on real-life case studies with access to IE University’s state-of-the-art facilities, including the Fab Lab and Design Studio, enabling you to put all of your knowledge to the test with practical experience.

5. Accelerate your business using design

Great design makes a difference, and the statistics back that up. According to software giant Adobe, organizations with a strong design perform 219% better on the Stock Market’s S&P Index over a ten-year period than those with poor design.

Exceptional design is a surefire way of attracting more customers while simultaneously building brand credibility and therefore loyalty.

The pairing of future-forward design skills and business acumen acquired in this dual degree program places you in the best position to lead the pack of the next generation of entrepreneurs.