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María is a BBA student in Madrid. She was born in Valencia, Spain, but have lived in Madrid for ten years now. Although she has never had the chance to live outside of Spain, she has traveled abroad several times and love to experience different cultures.

In high school, she moved from Valencia to Madrid, where she spent her last two years at a British school called Hastings School. There, she completed my A-Level exams.

She chose IE University since she has always been in international academic environments. Being in the British education system, she enjoyed getting to know people from other countries. IE University gives you the opportunity to study in an international environment while living in Spain.

This year, she decided to take French classes offered by IE University. She truly enjoyed the course, which was taught by great professors.

She has worked as an intern in IE University’s marketing department. She did so for a month where she learned many things that will help inform her future career. As an intern, she worked with undergraduate programs and develop materials for IE University websites, blogs, student life, and other inbound marketing initiatives.

Her favorite hobby is dancing. She started ballet at the age of two, following the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum. She is currently taking Broadway jazz classes and drama lessons. In her drama classes, they have recently been preparing for the musical Mamma Mia. Apart from acting and dancing, she also loves outdoor activities like skiing, sailing, traveling, and photography.”

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