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Donovan was born and raised in the United States in a small mountain community outside of Denver, Colorado. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, Donovan quickly developed a love for the outdoors and activities such as hiking and skiing. This love for adventure continues to push Donovan to break out of his comfort zone and experience life to its fullest.

During his time at Evergreen High School, Donovan thrived in public service and theater. His various leadership positions, most notably that of student body president, taught him how to balance a busy schedule with his desire to give back to the community, ultimately preparing him for his time at IE University.

Currently studying Bachelor in International Relations in Segovia, Donovan finds himself even more fascinated by language, culture and politics than before. He continues to pursue his passions inside and outside of the classroom. Serving as a co-financial coordinator of Rotaract Segovia, a social service club, and an active member of the IE University Theater Club, he still finds time to appreciate the beauty his new city has to offer.

Donovan believes that IE University not only provides the incredible opportunity to further his academic studies, but has also placed him in the midst of a diverse and exciting culture—one that’s very different from what he was used to back home.

Thrilled about his decision to attend IE University, Donovan sees every day as a new opportunity to further explore the world, without leaving Segovia, simply by interacting with his peers.



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