IEU Experience


As an institution that prides itself on diversity, every year we welcome undergraduate transfer students from all over the world. These students enrich all aspects of our university and community. From overcoming challenges to achieving hard-earned success, they each bring a unique story to their new school.

At IE University, we are dedicated to making their switch as easy as possible. Our experience ensures that this process is seamless: from the very beginning, we provide all the information necessary for them to begin their new journey on the right foot. At the same time, our emphasis on flexibility and personalization means that they can choose an academic career path that is tailored to their interests and meets their expectations.

As a transfer student himself, Jorge San Román says he can feel all of the opportunities that IE University has given him. Read on to discover what he’s shared with us about this new, exciting chapter of his life.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jorge San Román and I’m a Bachelor in Business Administration student going into my 3rd year of college, though only my 2nd year at IE University since I transferred here last September. I was born in Madrid and have always lived in the outskirts of the city. However, I started high school in the United States because my brother and I moved to San Francisco, California with my uncle. I finished school back in Spain and have been here ever since.

Jorge San Román

Why did you decide to come to IE University as a transfer student?

After coming back to Spain from San Francisco, my initial plan was to return to the United States for college—a challenge that I greatly underestimated. Anyone who has tried to apply to top American universities after finishing high school in Spain can tell you it’s not easy to do—and that the numerous deadlines and entry exams each university requires make it even harder.

Despite their best efforts, no one at my high school was able to help me through this process, and that was adding stress to what was already a hectic senior year. So I decided to enroll in CIS, a small university not far from IE University’s main campus that specializes in helping students transfer to American universities. After two years there, I finally got accepted to a few schools I wanted to attend. But in the end, I changed my mind and decided to stay in Spain.

That said, I still wanted to study in a highly international environment. And that’s why I first started looking into IE University. I already had friends there who told me that I’d love the classes and the people, but what really convinced me was all of the opportunities to remain engaged with the whole community outside of the classroom—from clubs to events, to seminars and more.

How has your experience at IE University been?

So far, my experience at IE University has been fantastic. The community is as international as it gets, and that gives you the chance to learn from and share experiences that would be impossible to have at any other university. On top of that, everyone has been extremely friendly. I’ve felt welcome and part of the family since day one. Shout out to Bachelor in Business Administration class B for taking me in!

Aside from the people, what I have enjoyed most at IE University is also the reason I was most excited to come: the amount of extracurricular opportunities they offer. I’ve spent a lot of my time with the Debate Club and the Finance Club, which has translated into some unique experiences.

The Debate Club—of which I am now a board member—gave me the opportunity to represent Russia in my first Model United Nations conference in Geneva. At the same time, the things I learned from the Finance Club and IE Talent & Careers helped me secure a spring internship with a major bank in London (though due to the coronavirus, it was moved online).

What are your main takeaways from your university experience at IE University?

I have far too many takeaways from my experience to talk about them all. But if I had to choose, I would say that I’ve learned that there are many different correct ways to do one thing, and that you should never be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

I feel that before I came to IE University, I was too fixated on doing things my way, which leads to missing out on tons of other interesting ideas, points of view, and ways of doing things. Studying at IE University has taught me to appreciate what I’m not familiar or comfortable with, and I have benefited immensely from it.

What were some challenges you faced when you were transferring to IE University?

Transferring to a new university comes with its unique set of challenges, and my case was no different. I would say that having to take first-year classes was definitely a big setback, especially because it sometimes led to overlaps in my schedule.

What’s more, these changes in my courses sometimes meant I wouldn’t get the full picture of the content until the end of the school year. While it’s true that these types of things were somewhat frustrating, they didn’t damage the experience I had in my first year at IE University.

 What would you recommend to future students?

I would tell them to not be afraid to make mistakes, talk to everyone they can, and get involved as much as possible. In a community that’s as diverse as IE University’s, every student has a unique story to share, and you never know who you might meet.

The same goes for the different campus organizations as well. Before joining the Debate Club, I had never participated in a debate, but I ended up loving it. Keeping an open mind is key for a fulfilling experience at IE University. It’s a community that helps you find where your interests lie, and then gives you the tools you need to excel in that area. All you need is the right attitude.

We thank Jorge for sharing his story with us, and can’t wait to meet our incoming transfer students. No matter where you’re from or what your goals are, IE University has all of the tools you need to achieve them and more.