IEU Experience


At IE University, we don’t just teach entrepreneurship; we embody it in every aspect of our community. Founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, our institution champions a proactive spirit that has been integral since the 1980s—when we pioneered entrepreneurship as a mandatory course across all academic programs. Our ethos is simple yet profound: entrepreneurship is in our DNA, influencing how we teach, learn, and envision the future.

Entrepreneurship: a core value at IE University

Entrepreneurship at IE University is more than a discipline—it’s the vibrant heartbeat of our institution. It shapes our perspectives, fuels our dreams, and stands as our primary approach to tackling challenges. This ingrained spirit of innovation is why IE University ranked #1 in Europe for entrepreneurship teaching. Here, students embark on their educational journey equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, developing into innovative thinkers and ultimately graduating as impactful doers, ready to make significant contributions to the global market.

Integrating innovation across disciplines

From the onset, IE University students are immersed in an entrepreneurial culture that cuts across all academic disciplines. Whether enrolled in business, technology, design or any other program, students encounter entrepreneurial principles seamlessly integrated into their studies. 

This comprehensive exposure ensures that every graduate possesses a robust skill set, crucial for navigating today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. Skills fostered include strategic thinking, market analysis and the ability to innovate under pressure, allowing students to turn challenges into opportunities.

Nurturing future entrepreneurs

IE University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is dynamic and inspiring, featuring a never-ending list of events, initiatives, competitions, clubs and more. Key among these is the IE Venture Lab, our startup accelerator designed to help teams of current students and IE Alumni develop and launch viable startup projects. Here, our professionals can bring their innovative ideas to life with continuous guidance and support from experienced mentors. 

After creating incredible innovations in the Venture Lab, students come together to pitch their companies to international investors at the Madrid Venture Days or the Dublin Venture Day. These gatherings connect startups with investors, experts and accelerators, showcasing cutting-edge innovations in technology and artificial intelligence.

Additionally, the IE Entrepreneurship Club—founded by students, for students—offers unique initiatives that promote entrepreneurship within the IE Community and beyond. These platforms support theoretical learning and encourage practical, hands-on experiences essential for real-world success.

Turning ideas into impact

At IE University, entrepreneurship is practiced through active engagement. Our diverse array of initiatives ensures that students can pursue their specific interests, whether that means starting a local eco-friendly business or launching a tech startup with global aspirations. These opportunities are designed to hone a wide range of abilities, from creative problem-solving and resilience to effective risk management and financial literacy.

For evidence of our entrepreneurial spirit’s impact, look no further than our own students’ achievements. Take Gede Putra Witsen, for example, who has leveraged his Bachelor in International Relations to expand his father’s business in Indonesia into a sustainable tourism site. His startup now promotes Balinese culture globally while boosting local development. 

In a different sphere of impact, Askar Dossumbekov, an alum of the Dual Degree in Business Administration + International Relations, channeled his passion for career development into creating CLICK. This innovative startup, designed to streamline career paths for new graduates, is now gaining traction in Spain and beyond. 

Discover the true spirit of entrepreneurship

To truly understand the impact of IE University’s entrepreneurial education, it’s important to look beyond the numbers and accolades. Our “Breaking Stereotypes” video series offers a window into the diverse and dynamic world of our entrepreneurs. The series features students from various backgrounds who discuss what entrepreneurship means to them, debunking common myths and sharing their unique experiences and motivations. These narratives highlight the depth and breadth of our entrepreneurial spirit. Discover these stories and find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur at IE University.

The path toward entrepreneurship is a comprehensive, immersive journey that begins when our students are accepted and extends far beyond graduation. Our educational approach is designed to impart knowledge while instilling a lifelong entrepreneurial mindset. This prepares our students to lead, innovate and succeed in whatever paths they choose.