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The Honours Program puts a spotlight on exceptional bachelor students from across IE University. Invitation to the program is coordinated by the Honours Program Committee and extended to determined and driven students with an academic performance ranked in the top 5% of their program.

As a token of commitment to their studies, Honours students are expected to maintain a high GPA throughout the year while they benefit from the vast opportunities of the program.

Among them is a three-day specialized course taking place in February and March, where students can network with top-tier industry professionals and professors in an immersive academic environment. Featuring a launch event and closing ceremony, the agenda looks at the topics at the cutting-edge of innovation and business in a digital world.

In addition to this, throughout the year the Honours Program offers students the chance to hear from some of the most highly-revered names from leading global businesses such as Amazon, Oliver Wymann the United Nations, and Cabify. Opportunities to gain industry experience and insights are also available through the program. From working on real cases with professional lawyers to lunches with senior staff from international organizations, these experiences give IE Honours students the chance to truly stand out from the crowd.

Below, Sarah McFadden, a third-year Bachelor in International Relations student from the United States, reflects on her involvement with the Honours Program.

What is the Honours Program?

The Honours Program is a community comprised of some of the top students at IE University and the professors who helped them get there. It is a space in which we can build off of and empower one another in our academics, professional goals, and overall university experience.

Which activities have you done so far and which one did you like the most?

So far I have attended the Honours Program modules and have thoroughly enjoyed both. The aspect I’ve liked most out of these modules is simply getting to know my peers better and working more closely with the other members of the program, as many of us do not have classes together. It has been nice getting to form and strengthen friendships with such hardworking and genuine people.

What is the key to academic success?

I would say the key to academic success is knowing how you work or study best. There is no “one-size-fits-all” plan for succeeding at university. Of course, it’s important to turn in assignments on time and pay attention in class, but everyone learns differently. Don’t compare yourself to the student who can miss seven classes and ace the final nor the student who comes to every class and scrolls through social media. They aren’t you. Take notes, or don’t. Watch explanatory videos, or don’t. The study methods your friends or the top student in the class are using may not be effective for you—so figure out which methods suit you best and stick to them.

Why would you recommend this program to other students?

You get to meet and grow alongside some of the brightest minds at IE University, students and faculty alike. Yes, the speakers and events are exceptional, but so are the people we walk past every day. It’s nice to get to know them and their personal perspectives a bit better too.

How do you feel about the Honours Program and what do you think of it?

I feel very proud to be a part of the first-ever Honours Program at IE University as it has already encompassed such interesting and insightful speakers and events.

The Honours Program nurtures some of IE University’s brightest minds and rewards these gifted students for their commitment, achievements, and determination.