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Taiki Kubota considers himself a “third culture kid.” Born in a Colombian-Japanese household, he grew up in a multicultural environment, and later spent time living in the US and Spain during critical periods of his development as a person. He feels that these four cultures—Colombian, Japanese, American and Spanish—are an integral part of who he is today.

Taiki did his undergraduate degree at a small liberal arts school in the US called Bates College, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Philosophy. He then moved to Spain, where he completed a Master’s in Life and Executive Coaching—a career he’d carve out over the years to come. Taiki started out working in HR for small international companies, and later moved on to freelancing as a life coach.

Since 2014, Taiki has been part of the IE University community, and now, as the Director of IE University’s Counseling Department, he feels like he’s back home. He’s thankful to have the opportunity to work in an international environment that serves as a hub for global nomads like him.

Outside of work, Taiki enjoys playing Brazilian percussion, learning French and experimenting with amateur photography.

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