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Pablo is a born and raised Madrileño. In contrast to many of his fellow students at IE University, he has never lived in another country. In fact, he only attended one school in Madrid before joining IE University, all the way from preschool up until his graduation from high school. He credits this stability in his life with making him a self-assured and disciplined team player with the ambition to solve complex problems with efficiency.

Pablo was intrigued by the Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence as he hadn’t seen anything similar at any other university. Further convinced by the institution’s unique and practical teaching methods, Pablo made the decision to study at IE University. With his passion for computers and the program’s focus on the future, the degree fits Pablo like a glove.

During his first year in the program, Pablo has expanded his outlook of technology and is experiencing IE University’s practical learning methodology through constant projects. One of these projects consists of developing an innovative product, which he hopes to present, along with his team, to real businesses and investors.

Not content with just building products to present to real businesses, Pablo will also be working with the Marketing Department, helping them make videos and providing support wherever they may need it. He expects to benefit greatly from this real-life experience.

One of Pablo’s favorite hobbies, apart from his academic interests, is playing football. He started playing when he was just eight years old and he hopes to never stop playing. When not playing sports, he likes to disconnect from university life by spending time with family and friends.


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