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Juan Ignacio Checa Diaz was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador and feels a strong connection to his Latin American roots. Even so, he has taken every opportunity to travel the world, immerse himself in different cultures and develop an open mindset. He is naturally inquisitive and believes that his sharp, critical eye has never stopped him from standing out as a leader.

Juan is currently a third-year student in the Bachelor in Business Administration. His first two years were spent at the campus in Segovia, and he is now in Madrid for the remainder of his studies. As an enthusiastic and open person, he credits IE University with providing the tools and the freedom to prepare for any future challenges.

He says his decision to join the institution was one of the best he could have made and stemmed from his long-held desire to be both financially independent and his own boss. To achieve this, he believed it was essential to find out how businesses work, and the Bachelor in Business Administration proved to be the perfect vehicle for this as it covers many aspects of business that he will need to understand before going on to specialize. Combined with the fact that he has Spanish nationality, IE University seemed to tick all the boxes.

Juan has taken every opportunity offered to him in his first two years. He joined the Entrepreneurship Lab where he worked for five months on his own startup idea AM Fitness Gear & Accessories, before taking part in a month-long internship-like experience in the Startup Lab in Segovia. This lab helped him determine his business’ needs, develop a business plan and pitch to investors in Madrid. He has also taken part in other internships, gaining experience as the Startup Lab Social Media Manager for IEU Labs and Commercial Assistant for UHY Assurance & Services. He is currently undertaking a six-month internship in IE University’s marketing department.

Juan is extremely active in the IE Community. He was Audience Experience Coordinator for the most recent LEAP Conferences, where he organized a fully hybrid event with over 20 people attending face-to-face and 150 online. The events he helped organize included LEAP’s 2020 fundraiser campaign for victims of Hurricane Eta in Honduras and the Screw Up Night, where speakers discuss previous mistakes. Further on-campus activities include being part of the IE University Rugby team, becoming an IE Student Ambassador, being a member of the Community Development Committee for the IEU Student Government, and being elected class representative for the 2020/2021 academic year.

When not taking part in on-campus activities, Juan has a wide range of hobbies to keep him occupied. He enjoys surfing, weight lifting, swimming, rugby, running, yoga and traveling. This fast-paced active lifestyle is perfectly balanced with his more laid-back interests, which include photography, reading, music, politics and, of course, socializing with friends.

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