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Ida Nydelius describes herself as a “big dreamer and go-getter.” She grew up in a small town called Mora, in the Dalarna region of Sweden, and attended high school at United World College in Norway. Before coming to IE University, she embarked on a gap year in Florianopolis, Brazil, where she participated actively in the local culture.

The Bachelor in Politics, Law and Economics seemed a perfect fit for Ida’s career ambitions of becoming a diplomat and working for the Foreign Ministry of Sweden. She chose IE University as she was searching for a university with an international spirit and wanted to learn a new language, as well as studying in a new culture with a vibrant history.

Having a strong commitment to community engagement, Ida has found plenty of opportunities to be involved in activities at IE University. She founded a club for the Nordic region, with the aim of growing the Nordic area network and sharing her culture with the diverse IE University community.

Ida also appreciated the opportunity of interning at IE University’s Marketing Department, which she felt allowed her to grow professionally, learn new skills and deepen her involvement with the community. She describes herself as having a passion for learning how societies function, and thrives in tasks which are creative or involve helping others.

As an aspiring artist, Ida was particularly keen to become involved in the project to establish the arts in the new IE Tower. She took a leading role in the Arts Club and, thanks to the IE Creativity Center, she was able to practice her painting and curate exhibitions.

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