The Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability is a four-year program which blends basic and environmental sciences with technology, economy and law. Offering a multidimensional understanding of sustainable environmental solutions, the program uses a hands-on approach to the challenges affecting individuals and society today. Discover what doors in the world of work this program can open.

A pathway to success

IE University’s Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability is designed by our expert faculty to offer the skills required to find tangible, creative solutions to major environmental issues. Through project-based learning and hands-on experiences, graduates will gain the skills necessary to utilize today’s most relevant tools and technology to approach challenges. What sets this program apart is its scientific approach—it combines natural sciences with economic and legal sciences and technology to tackle the environmental issues we face today. 

Designed for motivated, innovative students who are ready to create an impact and generate positive change, this program goes beyond the classroom and looks at today’s challenges from different perspectives. Thanks to its systematic approach, students develop transdisciplinary skills, which offers a variety of options when it comes to finding a role in the world of work. Read on to discover where the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability can lead.

Environmental auditing and accounting

Our Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability students will receive a set of skills that will unlock opportunities to work with key industry players worldwide on the design and implementation of environmental auditing and accounting projects. From energy transition, and climate solutions to carbon neutrality to water footprint reduction, environmental auditing and accounting are key for success—and our graduates will have the tools to confidently lead these projects, which are increasingly in demand. 

Climate solution implementation 

At IE University, we strive to achieve a climate neutral world. Graduates of our Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability will play a fundamental role in this purpose. Currently, we are only able to remove 2 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year. Our students will learn to use state-of-the-art technologies to design and develop carbon capture, carbon removal and carbon avoidance projects, which will increase in implementation in the next 30 years, due to the fact that we need to remove 60 billion tons of carbon in order to be neutral. 

Energy transition and decarbonization

Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability students and graduates will gain the knowledge to design and develop innovative technologies that can be used to implement small- and large-scale decarbonization projects. Students will have the skills to confidently utilize ecotechnologies and reengineering approaches to implement lasting change in a large variety of industries in order to push decarbonization in a sustainable, socio-economical way.

Sustainable mobility

Achieving sustainable mobility within the next ten years is fundamental in our work toward a sustainable, decarbonized and climate neutral world. Students from our Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability will be trained with the tools and knowledge necessary to contribute to the mitigation of global warming by the development and implementation of environmental and socially fair sustainable mobility projects.

Food security

The ongoing issues created by global warming and environmental deterioration of our water, air and soil resources are causing our food security to decline. Our Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability students will be prepared to successfully tackle the global food crisis by providing sustainable technological solutions to effectively reduce the negative effects of these environmental issues on our food systems in a socioeconomic sustainable way.

Water security

Our water resources are in danger, and our Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability will train game-changers to develop diverse, environmental technologies that can be used by private and governmental players in their restoration projects. Our students will be trained to work and contribute to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy projects that use water as their main energy generation mechanism, leading to the long-term security of resources including surface and subsurface freshwater and marine water.

Environmental change mitigation and adaptation

The Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability will instill the inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary skills necessary to develop global and local projects focused on environmental change mitigation and adaptation. From developing energy innovation to utilizing environmental adaptation plans, students will understand diverse socioeconomic and cultural circumstances and use this knowledge to create change.

Environmental regulation and policy 

As the next generation of global environmental and climate sustainability leaders, our Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability graduates will receive the necessary soft skill training that will allow them to work closely with different social, governmental and private sector players. Gaining the ability to communicate scientific terms with ease, our students will influence and engage the world population on diverse sustainability and environmental projects.

The world is yours to change with the Bachelor in Environmental Sciences for Sustainability. Interested in learning more? Explore everything the program has to offer or book a call with one of our program specialists today!