Let’s take a deep dive into the upcoming IE Short Film Festival, an event that celebrates the best in international filmmaking talent and gives emerging artists a chance to shine on the global stage.

Lights, camera, action!

The stage is set for the IE Short Film Festival, a unique initiative that gives audiovisual artists from across the world a prestigious platform to showcase their talent and become immersed in a new approach to filmmaking. Organized by the IE Film & Television Industry Club and Campus Life, the third edition of this annual event is set to be the biggest one yet.  

The festival offers current and future filmmakers a chance to find their voice through storytelling. And, last year, creative content makers from more than 100 countries answered the call. It was an amazing response, given that the event took a two-year hiatus in the midst of the global pandemic. This year is no different—more than 3,000 entries have been presented for consideration in what promises to be a riveting experience.

Inside the festival

The IE Short Film Festival allows participants to introduce their work to a diverse, international audience. This helps them to not only spread their message around the globe but to also establish their professional profiles and reap limitless opportunities. That’s because, apart from nurturing creative talent, the event also connects filmmakers with the business world—giving them the chance to explore new partnerships and collaborations with top business leaders in the region and beyond.

The theme for this year is Embrace Your Story. Films are submitted to the festival under three broad categories. The Official Selection category is open to all fiction films under 15 minutes, despite their genre. On the other hand, all movies submitted to the festival are automatically entered into the Out-of-competition Selection category. While these reels aren’t considered for a final prize, they are still screened during the festival. Lastly, Unheard Stories features films about people, cultures or events that don’t typically receive a lot of coverage. They take viewers on an informative, immersive journey of the silent wins and losses endured by communities around the world. 

Celebrating creative audiovisual talent

Once the submission period closes, Isabella Deshon—the festival’s director and student of the Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media—and her team comb through thousands of entries to select the finalists in each category. These filmmakers are then feted in a special ceremony at IE Tower. For the 2023 edition, the festival will be held from May 10 to 11, with the first day dedicated to film screenings and the award ceremony taking place on the second. Guests to the festival will be treated to a jaw-dropping display that features walking the red carpet, a cinematic virtual reality experience and much more.

The awards themselves are presented in five different categories: the Golden Award, Grand Jury Award, Jury Award, Special Mention and Sustainability. However, entering into the Official Selection category ensures a film is automatically considered for various other awards, including Best Director, Best Short, Best Production, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Editing and the Unheard Stories Award. 

Winners in each category will receive a certificate and cash prizes in recognition of their efforts. However, that isn’t the only way to make it big at the festival: all participants submit a press kit that serves to promote their talent to students and organizations worldwide. In the coming months, they’ll also gain access to a diverse range of enriching workshops, designed to boost their knowledge and expertise in filmmaking. 

Behind the scenes

And while the creative artists take center stage, we can’t forget the amazing team putting the show together behind the scenes. Isabella oversees the event management, visuals and socials, sponsorships and PR, and general volunteers teams—each in charge of different facets of the festival.

  • The event management team brings the whole festival to life, focusing on the minute details that go into pulling off such a spectacular, international event. 
  • The visuals and socials team is in charge of providing a suitable backdrop for the high-profile event, working on all the necessary aesthetic and visual elements. They also spearhead social media marketing efforts across all platforms.
  • The sponsors and PR team are essentially the “money men” of this operation, seeking financing, exposure and even collaborations with potential sponsors who would like to be affiliated with the festival.
  • Lastly, the general volunteers keep the wheels turning by providing assistance wherever it may be required. While the whole team is involved in the process, these volunteers are currently in charge of reviewing and rating the over 3,000 submissions received for this year’s competition. They will also be on deck during the award ceremony itself.    

Isabella is assisted by Alessandra Ruscica acting as creative director as well as Alessandro Rota and Cristina Estragués, both of whom are the event managers. 

A glimpse of history

The IE Short Film Festival is yet another avenue for the university to provide our students with unique opportunities and game-changing experiences. Its impact can be felt around the globe, uplifting budding filmmakers and equipping them with the tools and resources to make a difference in their own lives and their communities.    

Registration to attend the festival is currently open and will be until May 8. Get your ticket and witness another page in IE University’s history in the making.