Thinking of studying abroad but not sure where to go? We understand. It’s an important decision that will have a massive influence on your future professional journey. There are many factors to take into consideration, ranging from quality of life to career prospects, so it’s important to have the full picture before you decide.

That’s exactly why we’re here. In this post, we’ll outline the reasons you should choose Spain as the place to spend those all-important university years.

Top-tier choice in universities

Students coming to study in Spain have an enviable problem—there are just so many options! In total, there are 76 public or private universities in the country, which can be found in many diverse and wonderful locations. They specialize in a wide range of subjects, meaning students can tailor their own education. Whether you’re interested in tech or business, fine art or design (or anything else), there’s a university for you!

Well-respected worldwide

Many of the universities in Spain consistently perform highly on international rankings. In the 2020 QS rankings, 10 universities were included in the top 400 worldwide, with 27 universities included in total! You can find these universities all around the country, but the most popular destinations are Madrid and Barcelona. These two dynamic, modern cities have lively young professional scenes and a fantastic quality of life.

A hub for tech startups

Barcelona and Madrid are fast becoming places-to-be for any future-forward, entrepreneurial startup professionals. The last five years has seen an explosion in the number of young, innovative companies making their names, with investment beginning to pour in from all over the world. For all you big-dreamers, there’s a real entrepreneurial energy that’s exciting to be a part of.

Growing job prospects

The capital of Madrid in particular is fast becoming a growing financial hub, leading to more job opportunities in finance and economics. Its links to Latin America, central position in Europe, and influx of young entrepreneurial talent are creating the perfect conditions for ambitious, highly skilled graduates. With a growing economy, there’s going to be a skills shortage in general—but especially in finance or tech.

Live better for less

Spain is an incredibly affordable place to live. Outside the larger cities, renting and leisure prices are particularly low, allowing students to live well and enjoy their free time. Even in the larger cities, where accommodation is more pricey, there’s still every opportunity to pay your bills and have plenty left over to enjoy yourself.

Weather for all tastes

Spain’s Costa del Sol holds the record for the sunniest place in Spain with an average of 320 days of glorious sunshine throughout the year. But the further you go up the country, the more this changes. Further north, you can expect beautiful green fields and impressive mountain scenery, perfect for skiing in winter. This diversity makes Spain perfect for every preference. Sun, snow, hot, cold, dry, wet—whatever you like, we’ve got it all.

Madrid calle

Important international language

How would you like to be able to communicate with another 420 million people? By living in Spain, you’re in the perfect place to learn the world’s third most-spoken native language. For all you budding entrepreneurs, translators, or International Relations professionals, the benefit of learning Español has serious career advantages. Plus, while you’re here, it’s always nice to be able to talk to the locals.

Delicious cuisine

Spanish omelette, cured meats, taps and wine… the list of delicious Spanish dishes goes on. What’s more, throughout the country, different regions have their own specialities. So, all you food lovers can take advantage of being in Spain to travel around and sample the empanada from Galicia, paella from Valencia, or fried fish from Seville. And that’s not to mention the modern, trendy restaurants that can be found all over the country, especially in larger cities like Madrid or Barcelona. It truly is a foodie’s paradise!

Culture and festivals

If there’s one thing the Spanish have in abundance, it’s a rich culture and lively festivals. For art lovers, there’s everything from the intricate Islamic artwork of La Alhambra in Granada to Madrid’s world-famous museums to Barcelona’s avant-garde art scene. And as for festivals, again each region has its own—each as exciting as the last. Why not travel to Valencia to see the fires of Las Fallas or Holy Week in Seville? There are loads to choose from, so everyone’s sure to find something they love!

Safe and secure

Finally, you can fully enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and reach the next level in your educational journey in an entirely secure environment. Spain is among the safest countries in Europe, with highly developed human rights laws and a friendly, tolerant society. Serious crime is very low and (apart from the odd pickpocket—watch out!) even the biggest cities are wonderful places to live the student life to the fullest, without fear or intimidation.

Spain offers a fantastic mix of world-class education and up-and-coming career opportunities, finished off with a large slice of the good life. What are you waiting for?