IEU Experience


Jasmina is from the Czech Republic and works at Havas Prague. She studied the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media.

Jasmina Orlicka at Havas (Prague) |Your Own Path

Since graduating, Jasmina has shown true determination in pursuing her passions. She currently works at Havas in Prague, a creative agency that manages social media for large global companies, including Google. After taking on a number of roles, she has gained new insights and opened the door to a world of opportunity. At IE University, Jasmina made every effort to follow her passions, taking part in photography, music, and sports activities. As a result, she has evolved into a multifaceted professional who brings a dynamic skill set to her professional environment.


«I’m very happy that work became a part of my life because it is something that I enjoy and I think it is something that is very important to achieve in your life.» – Jasmina Orlicka