Do you want to work as an economic consultant? A sustainable economy advisor? Or even a policy developer? Keep reading to find out how IE University and the Bachelor in Economics is the equation you need to kick-start your chosen professional career.

Studying at IE University

Studying at IE University is a unique experience which will undoubtedly prepare you to reach your goals. Whether it’s through studying, extra-curricular activities, or our community spirit and multicultural environment, IE University embraces an innovative spirit.

With organizations become increasingly globalized, now is the time to embrace cross-cultural opportunities and prepare yourself to become a globally diverse individual. Thanks to IE University’s renowned internationality, both on and off campus, you will be able to graduate knowing that you have been equipped with the tools and mindset needed to work anywhere around the globe.

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As well as being able to join IE University’s international community of like-minded and driven individuals, you will also be able to benefit from its unexcelled academic tradition. Based on a personalized, practical approach, its academic program allows students to evolve into unique professionals, ready to take on the challenging working world.

Professors at IE University are also top-leading professionals in their respective fields, holding prominent positions in government, national banks, and EU institutions. By applying their experience in the classroom, students at IE University gain first-hand insights into the professional working world. Students also benefit from the opportunity to collaborate on real-life cases, equipping them with the skill-set needed to join the competitive workforce.

The Bachelor in Economics 

The Bachelor in Economics is a stimulating program which sets out to apply the fundamental principles that underpin economics into the context of our currently evolving digital and tech era.

This program takes learning one step further than simply teaching traditional economics; our professors apply their knowledge of the current landscape of economics to the classrooms so that students are able to learn the key implications of technology within this sector. Largely left out of similar programs, the Bachelor in Economics includes the implications of automation, e-platforms, and circular and sharing economy. You will also build upon your knowledge of the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and big data—namely focusing on how these affect decision making and policies within a local and global environment.

Furthermore, at IE University, we understand the importance of understanding the economy from a global perspective as means to understanding the impact it may have on international relations, governments, and organizations. As such, our professors ensure you are able to drive economic transformation, growth, and efficiency on a global scale.

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During the first three years of the program, you will develop a foundation in economics, solidifying your knowledge of all its key aspects. Meanwhile in your fourth academic year, you will be able to specialize in two distinct areas of study: either Country, Sector, and Policy Analysis, to learn how governments and different sectors play an important role in the economy; or Economic and Financial Analysis for Business, in which you will learn how the economy affects financial markets and business performance across different industries and sectors.

Being able to tailor your studies to you own interests is a unique opportunity which will help you to ignite your passions and launch yourself into the professional field of your choice.

The Formula for Success

Combined, the Bachelor in Economics and IE University, are the perfect combination to help turn your career aspirations into a reality. Taught by the IE School of Global and Public Affairs and IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, you will benefit from the expertise and facilities offered by both.

You will have exclusive access to up-to-date knowledge within the sector, generated by the diverse research centers at IE University, including IE’s Center for the Governance of Change. Through such centers, you will have the opportunity to attend conferences, network, participate in, and publish papers with renowned experts.