The second edition of the CASA Film Art Festival brings the celebration of cinema back to IE University in September.

At IE University, we believe art to be a catalyst for an intercultural and intergenerational understanding that goes beyond language. With this in mind, IE Campus Life—in collaboration with FILMIN—is gearing up to welcome new students to IE University as part of the CASA Film Arts Festival project. 

The power of art

CASA Film Arts Festival is a celebration of diversity and creativity facilitated by the feeling of comfort that the term casa globally triggers. It consists of a series of events that aim to provoke innovative ways of thinking and open a dialogue between each of IE University’s locations: Segovia and Madrid. The festival hopes to encourage collaboration and connect people from multiple backgrounds within the international community of IE University. 

Casa has historically represented a place for women’s invisibility, yet IE University is committed to challenging the status quo. CASA Film Arts Festival will give a voice to extraordinary stories with the power to shape the way both men and women embrace feminism. 

We also believe that art offers myriad opportunities for dialogue that cuts across age, language and culture. That’s why we’ve put diversity at the center stage of this project—to enable each and every one of the participants to get the most out of their experience. What’s more, we’ve opened up the opportunity to everyone within the IE University community; we firmly believe in the power of the extracurriculars to expand our horizons and leave a remarkable imprint on our lives.

“This event is a great way to meet new people, expand your knowledge and develop different points of view during the different thought-provoking activities, alongside other creative IE University students.”

—Manuela Moscoso, Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media student

Empowering student-led change

CASA Film Arts Festival II was made possible thanks to the IE Gender Equality Office, an enterprise working to promote equality and prevent gender-based violence both within and outside of the IE University community. The festival is organized by IE Creativity Center, in line with our view that the arts, humanities and self-awareness are capable of transforming our students and helping shape the next generation of game-changers. 

This year marks the second edition of the festival. It serves not only as a welcome event for first-year students, but also as a channel for the promotion of various club initiatives. So far, it’s been an invaluable opportunity to get involved in a life-changing project for the IE University students behind its production. 

One such participating student is Manuela Moscoso, who is currently pursuing the Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media. Manuela and her peers have gotten involved by assisting in the organization of the project for a variety of reasons, including as a creative outlet for their love of film. 

“I joined the team because I am passionate about film. I knew this opportunity would open my mind to new perspectives regarding the film industry and how powerful it is in influencing our society.”

—Manuela Moscoso, Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media student

The project has also been a vital training ground in various aspects of leadership, proving beneficial to students wanting to hone their communication, teamwork and management skills.

“I believe the experience will teach me a lot about event management—an activity I love. I enjoy the opportunity to work on skills that I enjoy and that are important to me personally as well as professionally. I think it is very useful to develop myself around something I am passionate about.”

—Manuela Moscoso, Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media student

Celebrating cinema

The CASA Film Arts Festival represents the epitome of cinema, using it as a means to portray what happens both in front of the camera and what lies behind it; including the filming set itself, the privacy of our own homes and, of course, our lives outside the home. Beautiful things are on the way at the festival—unique encounters, seminars, art installations, collaborations and a lot of good cinema. 

There will be a carefully curated selection of recently renowned films, must-see short films and two art exhibitions as part of the festival. It will also feature many unique live music shows, excursions and networking opportunities. Our students will also play a large role in bringing the event to its full and vibrant potential.

“Have fun and make the most of it. Every event has a meaning behind it which helps you grow into a well-rounded global citizen. Get involved and you won’t regret it.” 

—Manuela Moscoso, Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media student

CASA looks forward to welcoming people with stories that can inspire our diverse IE University community. From film directors and anthropologists to business-minded referents and IE University professors, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities at CASA Film Arts Festival. 

Welcome home, everyone. This is CASA! Registration for CASA Film Arts Festival will open through IE Connects in September.