It’s normal to feel intimidated or overwhelmed at the prospect of attending university.

It’s normal to feel intimidated or overwhelmed at the prospect of attending university. It can sometimes seem like you’re being asked to make a huge, life-changing decision before you’re ready. But there is no reason to stress. Take your time to consider which program is best for you, and where your talents will best be put to use.

In this short guide, you’ll learn more about our most popular undergraduate programs to give you something to think about as you consider what you want for your future.

Bachelor in Psychology

Profile: Individuals who are interested in human behavior, understanding people, and decision-making processes.

What you should know: This bachelor’s degree is designed to train students who want to help others in a personal and professional way.

Why you should study PSYCHOLOGY: Our practical approach to education allows our students to graduate as experts in human behavior, able to work in high-impact jobs in international settings, private organizations, NGOs, or public institutions.

Undecided Students

Bachelor in Architecture

Profile: Artistic, creative, interested in architecture, photography, and design. It’s a pretty diverse degree where people come from a variety of academic backgrounds.  

What you should know: At the core of our Bachelor’s in Architecture are three pillars: design, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Why you should study ARCHITECTURE: Our focus on management provides you with the knowledge to establish and run your own firm, manage projects, and direct teams.

Bachelor in Communication

Profile: Interested in all modes of communication, including graphic design, social media, infographics, content creation. Creativity is also a plus.

What you should know: This bachelor’s degree provides students with the skills they need to  create, shape, deliver, and measure successful communication strategies on a wide range of platforms.

Why you should study COMMUNICATION & DIGITAL MEDIA: With this program, you’ll be on the fast-track to becoming an advertising champion, capable of designing, creating, and managing content that enhances brand identity.

Bachelor in Information Systems Management

Profile: People passionate about technology, who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Digital natives will excel in this program.

What you should know: This degree puts students at the vanguard of the most exciting advancements in the digital world. Students will learn how to operate efficiently at the point where technology, innovation, and business meet.

Why you should study INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT: This degree prepares you to work with entrepreneurial giants, like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. You might even be well on your way to founding your own start-up.