IEU Experience


IE University offers many experiences outside of the classroom to its students. It’s part of our commitment to hands-on learning and creating a well-rounded education. One of these experiences is the IE Transformational Leadership Journey program, where participants learn valuable skills including dedication, teamwork and leadership.

To learn more about what it’s like to take part in the IE Transformational Leadership Journey program and lead such a large and dynamic group of people across uncharted territory, we talked to an expert who’s been through the experience himself, Sarosh Pradhan

Sarosh Pradhan is the principal architect at his own architecture firm that he established in 1996. Based in Kathmandu, he believes in holistic living and has added spaces for poetry, yoga, music and meditation to his designs. He was awarded the JK Foundations’ Young Architect of the Year 2004 award and is currently focusing on strengthening his leadership skills. He is also one of the leaders in the most recent IE Transformational Leadership Journey.

What is the IE Transformational Leadership Journey program?

The IE Transformational Leadership Journey program is a three-week expedition to Nepal. As one of the leaders joining the trip, I helped to guide 26 second-year students from the Bachelor in International Relations on a life-changing trek through Nepal. We were a large group but we also met with local sherpas along the way—learning from them and making the most of the cultures and communities we came across. 

The overall goal of the program is centered around self-improvement and discovery. It also gives the students the opportunity to put everything they’ve learned in the classroom into practice. 

Life is about breath, adventure and connecting with the unknown.

Sarosh Pradhan

One of the local sherpas we hiked with in Nepal was Sonam Sherpa. Apart from sharing his experiences and perspectives with the group, he provided invaluable guidance and assistance on their journey of discovery as they traveled through the Annapurna mountain ranges.

To me, the mountains not only have a connection with nature, but they are also a spiritual experience. Trekking among them lets the part of ourselves that wants to connect with the universe be expressed in many different ways. Everyone has this spirit within them and the program really helped us all connect with it. 

We take many things for granted, even oxygen. But when you climb a mountain and the oxygen becomes thinner at a higher altitude, you start to see the world very clearly and start appreciating life in a very different way

Sarosh Pradhan

Leadership is about having a long-term vision, inspiring people and making them feel connected to something. Immersing myself in the IE Transformational Leadership Journey program in Nepal helped put that into perspective, with everyone working toward a shared goal but still in need of a leader, especially in difficult times.

As both a team and a leader, you undergo physical, mental and professional challenges in some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, so you really grow as a group and an individual.