Feel the IE University spirit with IE Global Village day 2020

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This year marks the 14th edition of the Global Village Day. Organized by the IEU Net Impact Club in collaboration with Campus Life, this annual celebration has become one of IE University’s hallmark events. The main purpose of the Global Village Day is to celebrate one of IE University’s key pillars—diversity.


IE University is a place for forward-thinking visionaries to learn in a transformative environment. Surround yourself with a supportive community of students and faculty who interact together with new ideas and approaches to fuel the innovative learning process.

6 things to consider before starting a business

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In spite of the many challenges of entrepreneurship, pursuing a career in this field can be hugely rewarding, and in some cases, life-changing.

This week, IE University was featured in a report broadcast for China Global Television Network (CGTN) and… https://t.co/AcI0msiv27


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Welcome to the IE Class of 2024-25! Curious to hear about what makes this class so special? Discover below 👇🏻… https://t.co/4XPUkzQMdj


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The Power of Now: Pepe´s journey in learning to take in the moment

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Student Pepe López-Rúa Taboada shares with the IEU Community his journey of reconnecting with the present through mindfulness.

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At IE University #WEAREREADY

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IE University has been working vigorously since the onset of the health crisis with the aim of protecting the well-being of the institution's students, teachers and staff, and guaranteeing the continuity of academic activity. More than 7,000 students from 140 countries continued their training exclusively online during the weeks of confinement.

Welcome to the future of learning

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In this world of change, education needs to sustain its critical role in helping people forge successful careers, pursue happy lives and positively engage in society. The importance of education is a constant, but the world out there is not. We need a new approach to education that flows naturally, like modern life. The IE Liquid Learning model does just that. It confronts this need, bringing a more humanistic attitude to these separations by bridging the divide between digital and physical to create an organic experience.

Taking life by the reins with Carolina Villanueva


Originally from Asturias in the north of Spain, Carolina Villanueva Suarez has lived in over 13 countries around the world and most recently lived in Manhattan, New York. She is currently in her second year at IE University pursuing a Dual Degree in Law and International Relations. She also represents Spain as an equestrian show jumper.