Meet Louis, a Behavior and Social Sciences student

@IE University

IE University has allowed Louis to take on new opportunities, step out of his comfort zone, and meet inspirational people with whom he can share his journey.

Although Louis Quan is half-Vietnamese, half-French, was born in the Philippines, and has lived in France, Finland, Vietnam, and Egypt, he still likes to refer to himself as “from IE University.” We spoke to him to find out why he feels such a strong connection to the university, his course, and other IE University students.

Why did you choose this degree? What do you like the most about your degree?

IE University has a great, user-friendly website. Initially, my plan was to apply for the Bachelor in Business Administration. However, after reading through the descriptions of different degrees, I found that this one suited me better, and there we have a clear example of behavioral science at work—an appealing description on a great website led me to change my career path in seconds! 

What I love about my degree is its holistic approach to behavior and social sciences. I feel that I’ll be equipped to become so much more than an experimenter in a lab coat … not that I dislike lab coats, but having options is always nice!

Why did you choose IE University?

I chose IE University primarily for its emphasis on diversity. This not only suits my background, but also makes for a great environment to grow, both as a person and academically. 

Also, moving to Finland after four years in Egypt made me realize how much the sun’s warmth is an essential component of my own well-being, which is why I wanted to study in Spain. I must admit the snow in Segovia wasn’t exactly expected, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What do you like the most about studying at IE University?

Meeting people from all around the world really. I even met a real-life Icelander!

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

I joined the rugby team and a few other clubs. Segovia’s landscape is also great for running. 

Tell us about your experiencehave you signed up to any extracurricular activities?

The rugby team plays an essential part in my new life at IE University. Although the level isn’t quite homogeneous, it’s inspiring to see how hard the captain works to build a strong team and help us newbies learn from the more experienced. Participating in team sports has also been a great way to build strong, lifelong relationships, something I’m really grateful to have as a new student. At the moment I’m also looking to create a Thai boxing clubit’s one of the few things from home I haven’t found here in Segovia.

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Tell us about your experience at IE University’s campus.

So far the campus is my friend, with its chilled-out spots here and there, a great cafeteria with friendly staff, and the Cave bringing these two things together. The diversity of the other students also makes for an interesting, friendly atmosphere, and I found it very easy to feel at home straight away. 

IE University has allowed Louis to take on new opportunities, step out of his comfort zone, and meet inspirational people with whom he can share his journey. He is exactly what an IE University student should be—passionate, hard-working, and forward-thinking.