We spoke to Begoña González-Cuesta, Dean of IE School of Communication, to get a better understanding of what students can expect from this dynamic program.

The program in Communication and Digital Media at IE University is designed for those who want to become a strategically minded, creative professionals who have the ability to deliver meaningful messages to the world.

This program is based on a core teaching methodology, made up of five elements:

So what is it that makes this degree special? We spoke to Begoña González-Cuesta, Dean of IE School of Communication, to get a better understanding of what students can expect from this dynamic program.

What’s this program about and what makes it unique?

We train passionate students who want to explore communication, digital and visual media, creativity, and management to become dynamic media professionals. This bachelor prepares students to work in multinational companies, agencies, public institutions, NGOs, or even to start their own company. We view this field as an integrated set of knowledge and skills that, when combined, allow our students to reach an audience on a deeper level.

The program’s structure allows students to play an active role in making brands stand out. This degree provides solid professional foundations, and allows for hands-on learning with a strong corporate focus. It offers our students the skills required to create content and to shape, deliver, and measure successful communication strategies over a wide range of formats and platforms.

Why is communication and digital media education important in the business world?

Communication and media play a crucial role in the life of contemporary societies. This is especially true in the business world. These activities must be at the center of any strategy developed by brands in order to build their identity and engage their communities. Today, if you don’t have a communication strategy, you don’t exist.

We live in a fast-paced environment where companies are in constant transformation. The digital media revolution has created new corporate challenges, forcing companies to reinvent the way they operate. In this landscape, organizations need to be prepared to rapidly adapt to the latest trends, magnify their reputation and brand, and value and cultivate relationships with offline and online stakeholders.

Begoña González Cuesta

Begoña Gonzalez-Cuesta, Dean of IE School of Communication

Who should pursue this degree?

Students who are passionate about human interaction and want to embrace their creativity and strategic skills to make brands and companies matter in today’s hyper-connected world. The bachelor is ideal for those students who want to hone their communication skills to make an impact either from within companies or in their own ventures.

We encourage our students to think outside the box by placing them in real-world situations that require the use of cutting-edge technology and creative solutions. Business is at the core of everything IEU does; this is why we teach students how to manage projects, teams, and businesses in the various fields of communication.

Where can graduates of this degree work, and doing what?

After completing the program, our graduates are able to put communication to work in a wide range of organizational settings. They can work in different kinds of agencies (advertising, marketing, digital media, branding), communication consultant firms, audiovisual companies, communication departments at companies and NGOs, or even start their own company.

They can develop a broad range of projects, such as branding and advertising campaigns; creative content production based on photography, video, graphic design, and web development; PR and events development; digital marketing and social media strategies; media planning; corporate communication and crisis management; marketing and distribution of audiovisual content; corporate social responsibility and advocacy campaigns; reputation measurement and management; and the list goes on.

How does Communication and Digital Media fit into the School of Human Sciences and Technology?

The School of Human Sciences and Technology at IE University has three main areas: Communication and Digital Media, Behavior and Human Development, and Data Science and Technology. We think that the intersection of these three fields is the perfect space for innovation to take place. Our mission is to be a leading school in innovation-based education that applies human and social sciences and technology to the world of work.

The program in Communication and Digital Media integrates behavioral and technological components. This makes the learning experience especially interesting from a cross-disciplinary perspective, and helps students to become the hybrid professionals top companies are searching for.