Business & Entrepreneurship

Luis García De La Cruz @ Nike

During his last year of the Bachelor in Psychology, student and sports lover Luis García de la Cruz was selected for a Human Resources internship at Nike’s Headquarters in The Netherlands, thanks to a job listing he saw on the IE Career Portal.

“Innovation will shape the 21st century”

Ana Martínez Valls received the IE Student Award, a prize awarded to the student from the graduating class of 2015, who best reflects the university’s principles of initiative, entrepreneurial spirit, and contribution to the university community.

Career Report: Class of 2017

Talent & Careers have published a report demonstrating the Class of 2017’s employability. We are glad to announce that 94% of IE University’s Class of 2017 job seekers reported they were currently employed. Read more.

Unstoppable Lou

Lou Ladoire belongs to Generation Z, which follows the millennials. This generation is made up of entrepreneurs who speak several languages, learn quickly, are self-taught, and know that a combination of talent and drive is what will ultimately open up a range of opportunities.