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“An actor must be humble in order to be great”

According to experts, our home environments play a decisive role in the development of our personalities.  This can be said for Egor Kas, whose parents have always been invested in culture. Therefore, it is no surprise that even from an early age, he began to develop remarkable artistic skills. The twenty-year-old Russian, studying Communication and […]

Students with a creative eye

The main hall of the IE University Creativity Center, located in Segovia’s ancient mint, is hosting “Localismos sin fronteras.” It gathers together works by various students who took part in an art workshop run over several months by recognized artist Alberto Fernández Hurtado (Segovia, 1975). The exhibition, which opened last Thursday, is sponsored by IE […]

The Determination of Sanae Kiunsi

Sanae Kiunsi arrived in Segovia about two years ago. Exciting opportunities awaited her: studying in southern Europe, learning a new language, and adapting to a culture much different from her own. Due to her strong sense of determination, these challenges didn’t scare her off, but instead motivated her. After only a year, this IE University […]

Architect and rapper

IE University student Nicolás Salas is preparing his first album, “Abstract Psychopathy,” which will be released at the end of the summer.