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Catharina Doria shares her experience at IE University with us!

Catharina Doria, a second-year Communication and Digital Media student, has been selected to participate in the 25 Under 25 Young Achievers Program at the 5th Crowdsourcing Global Conference in Washington, D.C. this October. Annually, only 25 individuals from around the world under the age of 25 are selected.

Faces of IEU: Ignacio Sanchez

Born and raised in Madrid, Ignacio is a Business and Law Dual Degree student in his second year. Learn more about his university experience and what he has learned in our interview. 

Faces of IEU: Valeria Rosenholtz

Valeria is a Bachelor of Laws student from Costa Rica who started her degree at the IEU Segovia campus. She decided to study law in order to solve a variety of conflicts, and is currently in her fourth year, ready to graduate in July. Learn more about Valeria’s experience at IEU.

Faces of IEU: Ruslan Saleev

Ruslan Saleev is a first year student of the LLB program at IE University. He is from Russia, Kazan and he has lived two years in Italy. Thanks to the opportunities provided by IE University, he has really enjoyed his first year. Discover more about his experience with this interview.