The Bachelor in Business Administration offers an exciting selection of concentrations that allow you to shape your future career…

Personalizing your program and forging your own career path is at the core of the Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University. The program offers a choice of concentrations that will allow you to focus on one area: Finance, Entrepreneurship, or Technology. Each concentration is designed to impart expertise in your chosen field as you perfect the skills you need to build a powerful and targeted professional profile.

In each concentration you will be taught by leading industry experts, top-notch academics, and professionals with essential real-world experience, all of whom will help you carve a specialized route into your chosen career.

After gaining a broader understanding of the various concentrations on offer, you have to select one by the end of your first or even second year. Alternatively, you can choose to continue with the broader curriculum by pursuing a specialization in General Management.

Concentration in Finance

This concentration is tailor-made for students interested in starting their careers in the field of finance, whether at a bank, consultancy, multinational treasury, investment fund, or even a government organization. This hands-on program will solidify your skills and knowledge in the field, and allow you to master your managerial, accounting, statistical, and math skills. Meanwhile, you’ll harness the power of financial analysis, preparing you to succeed in today’s ever-changing business economy. This concentration is supported by companies, banks, and organizations that provide content and support, and also offers highly sought-after external certificates such as the CFA.

The concentration in finance is perfect for students whose goal is to embark on a career in Investment Banking, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, or Quantitative Analysis. Choosing this concentration will mean you graduate fully equipped for the finance world, with IE University giving you all of the tools you need to stand out in a competitive labor market and reach the top of your field.

Concentration in Entrepreneurship

IE University places entrepreneurship at the core of our programs, and the concentration in entrepreneurship certainly reflects this. This dynamic program allows you to develop specific skills and insights into building new business models and executing new business plans from scratch. Enhance your management and leadership skills as you learn to drive business development and innovation on a global scale. You will hone the techniques needed to get a new business off the ground, learning how to become an expert at pitching an idea, then going on to shape it into a fully-fledged, successful business. After gaining an in-depth understanding of how to launch a company, you will learn how to handle the various obstacles and challenges that may arise along the way. You’ll also learn how to harness the power of technology to drive your business forward.

For students who want to shape their learning in the direction of startups and innovation, or go into a role such as a Business Consultant, Business Manager, Entrepreneur, Business Developer, or Transformation Manager, this concentration is perfect. Supported by the Venture Lab, mentoring, and business planning, you can use this concentration to make a great impact on society and business, and of course, on your future.

Concentration in Technology

Technology drives transition, offering new business models and new ways of doing things across all global industries. The concentration in technology allows you to understand the interplay within the ecosystem of technological changes as you get to grips with the connection between technology and strategy. You will dive into the world of tech, learning how to harness digital innovation in business and manage future-forward tech companies. By exploring the most effective methods and techniques for running a successful tech-powered business, you will also acquire soft skills and leadership know-how. Gain the knowledge and confidence to interact with users, tech specialists, and managers, aligning all stakeholders around a common mission.

If you want to work as a Business Innovation Manager, Business Intelligence Manager, Information Systems Manager, Agile Consultant, or Technology Entrepreneur, then this cutting-edge specialization is made for you. The concentration in technology is designed for ambitious individuals who are ready to turn their passion for tech into a career and become dynamic leaders capable of building their own paths to success.

Concentration in General Management

By choosing the concentration in general management you will gain a broad knowledge of the key areas within business administration. International companies need cutting-edge talent to evaluate their business models and operations, review their future needs, and effect change in complex global environments. This program gives you the insight to develop analytical skills for a changing business model, and advisory and execution skills to get the ball rolling. This broad concentration gives you a lot of choice, but focused enough to boost your career.

The concentration in general management is perfect for students wanting to embark on a consulting role in an advisory firm or an international advisory role in a multinational.

The Bachelor in Business Administration can be tailored to your individual needs and goals, meaning you are primed for success, and ready to lead innovation in your chosen field.