Successful Careers: What is a Big Data Scientist?

@Clara Rosales

A Big Data scientist is someone with the a set of skills — including coding, statistics, machine learning, database management, visualization techniques, and industry-specific knowledge. It also includes management knowledge as well as human behavior.

According to IBM, around 90% of global data has been created in the past few years alone, so companies are facing the challenge of finding results driven-individuals who know how to use this data to optimize the competitiveness of an organization. McKinsey estimates that there will be a shortage of 140,000-190,000 people with deep analytical talent within five years. The job outlook for Business Analytics professionals is extremely positive for the coming decades.

The massive generation of data is changing the way that companies and governments do business. Leading organizations are tapping into Big Data & Analytics to transform their businesses and uncover new sources of value in their industries.


Data specialists face the challenge of extracting relevant insights from data by using advanced analytics and cutting-edge technologies to drive decision making processes. They are front office professionals and results-driven individuals who are specialized in identifiying, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and transforming data.

Companies, non-profit and governments are struggling to optimize the performance of their operations and the quality of their decissions and the quality of their decisions to stay competitive. As a result, there is a large and growing demand for specialized professionals who can identify, collect, analyze, interpret and transform data to drive value and innovation.

Companies are looking for dynamic and specialized professionals that come from diverse backgrounds such as business, engineering, technology, economics, mathematics, and applied sciences who are able to identify, collect, analyze, interpret and transform data to drive value and innovation, and to do it in diverse industries like finance, healthcare, consumer goods and high-tech, just to name a few.