Five of Segovia’s most inspirational architectural wonders

@Meagan Gardner

Decorated with a 15th-century monastery and an immense aqueduct, it has the added benefit of being just a short train ride from Madrid, which has its own fair share of design gems.

If you visit Segovia, the first thing you’ll notice about this quaint corner of Castile and León is its striking architecture. Alluring Gothic monuments and stunning relics from ancient Rome mark the city’s fascinating history. It’s a playground for budding architects.

Decorated with a 15th-century monastery and an immense aqueduct, it has the added benefit of being just a short train ride from Madrid, which has its own fair share of design gems. But you won’t need to look very far for inspiration.

If you enroll in our Bachelor in Architecture at the IE School of Architecture & Design, Segovia will be your home for the next five years. Here are some of the city’s most creative architectural feats.


Alcázar of Segovia

This World Heritage site was originally built as a fortress in ancient Rome. It has been rebuilt several times since and served as a prison and a military college after it was retired from defensive duties. It has now been converted into a museum, so as well as being architecturally enticing, it has a fascinating history you can learn about when you visit. You’ll discover more architectural wonders like this when you take modules on architectural history during your degree, helping you attain a wealth of knowledge in the field you’re passionate about.

Casa de los Picos

This renaissance oddity is just a kilometer away from campus. Its most noticeable feature is its prickly facade, which is made up of small granite pyramids. Born as a stately home, it is a really good example of what happens when you think outside the box, so it was only fitting that it became home to the Segovia Art School. Being immersed in a stimulating design studio atmosphere, you’ll have the space to be creative so you’ll be able to create your own architectural curiosities in no time!

Monastery of Saint Mary of Parral

Founded in the 15th century, the Monastery of Saint Mary of Parral sits on the outskirts of Segovia beyond the city’s protective walls. The most striking characteristic of this national monument is its Gothic chapel, which contains intricately detailed carvings. Also giving it personality are four cloisters. You can appreciate it in its entirety from a viewpoint in front of the Alcázar. So let those creative juices start flowing and then bring them back with you to the studio.

Segovia Cathedral

The construction of the gothic Segovia Cathedral started in 1525 and was completed more than 200 years later. The building is filled with breathtaking chapels and vibrant stained-glass windows which were added in the 17th century. It took a team of seven talented architects to build this wonder. Like them, you won’t have to work alone on your designs. We encourage a strong teamwork environment in the studio, and you’ll work with top architects in the field during your internship at a world-renowned design firm.

Aqueduct of Segovia

Standing tall over the city, it’s impossible to miss the Aqueduct of Segovia. It’s arguably the most important piece of Roman architecture in Spain and the city’s icon. Built at the end of the first century, it was still in use up until the 1800s, but has been put into retirement to be admired by all who visit Segovia or are lucky enough to live there.

With more than 160 arches with no mortar or adhesive, it really is an engineering masterpiece, and has no doubt inspired countless architects throughout the centuries. You could be the next architectural mastermind!

Studying in a city with such a treasure trove of interesting sites will give you a huge advantage when you’re creating your own innovative works. To learn more about our internationally respected design programs, get in touch!