Faces of IEU: Ignacio Sanchez

Born and raised in Madrid, Ignacio is a Business and Law Dual Degree student in his second year. Learn more about his university experience and what he has learned in our interview. 

Faces of IEU: Valeria Rosenholtz

Valeria is a Bachelor of Laws student from Costa Rica who started her degree at the IEU Segovia campus. She decided to study law in order to solve a variety of conflicts, and is currently in her fourth year, ready to graduate in July. Learn more about Valeria’s experience at IEU.

The Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, IE University Campus in Segovia

IE University’s campus in Segovia is located in the 13th century Santa Cruz La Real Convent. Near the Eresma River and outside Segovia’s old city walls surrounding its historic quarter, it’s just a ­ five-minute walk from the world-famous Roman Aqueduct. Although IE University’s campus is housed in a historic site, it boasts modern facilities, […]

Faces of IEU: Carla Costa

Carla is pursuing a Dual Degree in Business Administration and Law at IE University’s Madrid campus. She is Spanish and she has lived in Madrid and her hometown of Valencia. While traveling and studying abroad in several countries, she decided she wanted to be totally immersed in an international environment. Learn more about Carla and her experience in this interview.

Faces of IEU: Rita Fernandez Gasalla

Rita has excelled in BBA and been highly involved in university life, as founder and president of IE’s Padel and Business Insights Clubs. At the same time, she has somehow managed to lead a double life, training to become a professional soprano. Learn more about her experience.