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Entrepreneurship: Interview with Almustafa Mahmoud

BLVCK APPAREL is an independent fashion label with the goal of creating pieces of clothing that are not really meant to be used as clothing, but to serve as a statement made by the wearer. We achieve this by spending enormous amounts of time on making sure our pieces are one of a kind.

Entrepreneurship: Cutnut Interview

Their thrilling startup, ‘Cutnut’, is an all-in-one platform that allows users to produce story content on their devices. We interviewed them to learn more about the company; keep reading to find out more: What is Cutnut? Cutnut brings the story format (known from platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat) to companies, by providing the easiest […]

An artistic Italian

This young Italian, who has an average grade of 9, believes that part of her academic success is due to the fact that she is a person who is consistent in everything she does, and she never gives up.