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Soul of a journalist

Laura Ortega, Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media student at IE University, has found her vocation in journalism, but is also passionate about painting, videography, and photography.

The future is female

Why do you study Communication and Digital Media? Martina Hinojosa and Catharina Doria are undoubtedly clear in their answer. “We believe in the importance of storytelling; we want to give a voice to those who don’t have one,” Martina says, exchanging a knowing smile with Catharina. The two women are studying the Bachelor in Communication […]

“An actor must be humble in order to be great”

According to experts, our home environments play a decisive role in the development of our personalities.  This can be said for Egor Kas, whose parents have always been invested in culture. Therefore, it is no surprise that even from an early age, he began to develop remarkable artistic skills. The twenty-year-old Russian, studying Communication and […]